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Love Cutting Edge® Grass Seed? We encourage you to send us your videos, tell us your story, send us your before and after pictures, and tell us what your neighbors think – has Cutting Edge® Grass Seed improved the appearance of your outdoor living space? Has Cutting Edge® Grass reduced your normal watering routine – has it saved you money on your water bill? Have you found that your need to mow the lawn weekly or twice a week has been reduced significantly? How many fertilizer applications have you had to put down on your Cutting Edge® lawn after the initial application when you first planted?


Read what others have had to say about their experience with Cutting Edge® Grass Seed. Responses are sent to us from all over the US and Canada. Hopefully their stories inspire you to start using Cutting Edge® Grass Seed today.


From Hesperia, California: “I have lived in the high desert (Hesperia CA, 92345) for over 5 years now… of which having a home with a nice lawn can pose a challenge for any experienced landscaper. This is due to harsh extreme temperatures and very dry sandy Soil. Temps can range between low 20’s and up in the triple digits. I also want to point out that I’m just a typical individual with very little to no landscaping experience whatsoever…by far margins, I’m no landscape professional, trust me! Prior to trying the Cutting Edge® grass, I purchased sod, of which dried out in about eight months and had to remove. I then went to the local garden center, of which they swore up and down that if I used their seed brand and sprinkle it around like fairy dust, I would be up to my elbows in grass in no time. Well, like they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Being frustrated due to loss of cash and having to work out in the hot weather (102 degrees) all those times, I called it quits. I left yard as is (see pic) and not too far behind, started getting those nasty weeds and fox tails, etc… My wife begged me for months to do something, but I was comfy on my couch with ac running full blast to do any yard work. After all, nothing grew but nasty dry weeds. Well, not too far along, my dog started getting fox tails on his paws, etc… Of which one instance I had to take him to vet as a foxtail was jammed up in between his paw, of which caused an infection. Not too long after the vet removed the jammed foxtail from my dogs paw, and the vet jamming his hand into my wallet for $850 bucks, I swore to find a solution for my lousy backyard. I then did what I should have done from the start… my homework. I took to the Internet and started my research in finding the magical seed that I could sprinkle around like a pixie that would be drought resistant, low maintenance, excellent in extreme weather… basically one magical miracle tough seed. I then came across the Cutting Edge® grass, of which I was very skeptical to be honest. I started reading reviews left by others and decided to mustard up the courage and take a shot one last time. During the seeding and keeping birds at bay (cool little trick using CDs and fishing twine), I kept saying to myself this was waste of money and time, I truly thought this was not going to work. I planted the seeds 11 months ago today… and grass looks phenomenal. The roots have grown long and healthy (see pic), and the grass has remained healthy green through kids running on it, rain, high winds, heat, and snow. As they say… a picture is worth a thousand words.” –Mr.Perez


From Kansas City, MO: “I am 55 years old and have plenty of experience with establishing a lawn. I usually re-do my lawn every five years or so due to stress, drought, bugs and the like. Well, that time period approached and I too was skeptical about Cutting Edge® grass seed because it seemed “too good to be true” to me as well. However, I planted it. Was I surprised. I have never had grass seed react like Cutting Edge® grass seed before. I planted my grass seeds on the 4th of September and it germinated on the 8th! Yes, 4 days! By the end of week two, my grass was two inches tall!. This grass seed must be on steroids! … My grass is full without bare spots or thin areas, and my neighbors want to know how and what in tarnation did I do.” -Phil Thomas

From Toronto, ON: “My Son, who is a high school teacher in Toronto, took a class to the Landscape Show in Toronto last January. He picked up a couple sample packages of Cutting Edge® grass seed, and gave one to me. He said “try this on that area at the side of your house where you can never get any grass to grow, this stuff is supposed to grow anywhere”, I was pretty skeptical, but said sure why not… I did water it but not very regularly, because my thinking was it won’t grow anyway ….was I shocked one evening in July when I walked around the side of my house and seen this beautiful lush piece of lawn!!! The rest of my yard…front and rear, was brown and dormant from the extreme dry, hot weather we have been having in southern Ontario. I’ve got in contact with the Canadian distributor, Organic Outdoor Supply Canada Ltd. And talked with Amo Ostfeld, he has told me where I can buy it, and sent me a lot of information. This product works!!!! I’ll be top dressing and over seeding this fall with Cutting Edge® grass seed!!” -Randy Morrell

From Hartsville, SC: “We purchased Cutting Edge® Grass Seed and seeded our yard in the fall of 2011. We have hot summers, typically freezing ice and occasionally snow in the winter months. This has not affected my beautiful lawn at all. We could not be happier!!! This is the prettiest, most green grass that I have ever seen. We were the envy of our neighborhood this past winter and we still are to date. This grass grew fast, filled in fast and grew in areas of yard that we were never able to grow grass before. Much of the shaded and sandy areas of our yard were hopeless until we found Cutting Edge® Grass Seed. On a happy note…we have only cut the grass one time since spring! I love the idea of not having to mow every week or even every two weeks. At the rate we are going, we may only mow once a month. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! For anyone looking to seed their yard…This is Grass!!!!” -Paul and Susan

From Dover, MA: “I’m amazed at how thick it has come in and how green it looks after 21 days. This was just bare loam when we started. I have never seen a lawn come in so well as it has with Cutting Edge®.”-J.L